Natural Deodorant – Vanilla and Mint

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An intoxicating vanilla deodorant that delivers long-lasting freshness. Aluminum-free, vegan-friendly, and enriched with purifying tea tree essential oil.

2.65 OZ / 75 G

*Limit 3 per order.

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Powerful, natural odor protection you can depend on

Formulated with a nourishing blend of shea butter, coconut oil, and arrowroot powder, the VOS natural deodorant stick keeps skin feeling clean and fresh while effectively crushing odor all day long. Enriched with calming vanilla and invigorating mint, this deodorant stick stays active throughout the day so you can move with peace of mind and confidence.

Our natural deodorants are irritation-free and do not contain any aluminum compounds, alcohol, parabens, artificial coloring agents, or beeswax.

  • Natural, plant-based ingredients
  • Easy to apply anywhere, anytime
  • Effectively neutralizes odors without blocking pores
  • Vegan-friendly

Apply onto underarms 3 to 4 times for effective, all-day freshness.

Key Ingredients

Vanilla Oil

  • Loaded with antioxidants that fight free radicals
  • Alleviates tension physically and mentally
  • Comforting scent that soothes the mind


Spearmint Essential Oil

  • Fresh, clean scent that leaves skin feeling renewed
  • Elevates mood and mental clarity
  • Invigorating and energy-boosting


Full Ingredients

Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Maranta Arundinacea (Arrow Root) Powder, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Kaolin Clay, Cucurbita pepo L (Pumpkin Seed) Oil, Mentha Spicata (Spearmint) Oil, Citrus Aurantifloria (Key Lime) Oil, Vanilla Planifolia (Vanilla) Oil, Thymus Zygis (Thyme) Oil, Tocopheryl

*For the most up-to-date ingredient list, please refer to the packaging.



No Harmful Aluminums


No Parabens


Plant-Based Ingredients




Money-Back Guarantee

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4.74 Overall
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147 reviews for Natural Deodorant – Vanilla and Mint

  1. julianbenedict (verified owner)

    Honestly, this is the best stick I’ve ever used and the only one on the Canadian market that isn’t sticky, nasty and chemical in feel. It feels like a regular stick deodorant but without the horrible chemicals and cancer-causing aluminum. Only change needed is to let us buy in bulk.

    • Julian

      Hello Julian,

      Thank you for your review and we are glad to hear that our natural deodorant works well for you.
      I’m sorry that we have put limited qty available for purchase. The reason is that there has been a shortage or supplies and wanted to make sure we have stock available for all customers who need the products.

      That being said, you can subscribe and receive them monthly, once every 2 months or once every 3 months. Not only that you will guarantee to have the products when you need them, you can also save up to 20% off.

      Once again, thank you again for your support.

      VOS team

  2. Jocelyn Rush

    02 Natural Deodorant – Vanilla & Mint

  3. Anne

    Love the natural deodorants. I ordered the vanilla and mint and the lime and black spruce. They both smell amazing and really work. I highly recommend.

  4. Annie Dubé

    Great scent. I use it for a year now, won’t stop ;) It’s the best natural deodorant I found, and I tried many brands.

  5. Lindsee Tomporowski

    Keeps me dry and odour free all day and no irritation from the soda. Love the scent.

  6. Taylor Heath

    Seems my body got used to it and armpits stink again after hours of use. I’m not sure what changed with this deodorant but it is not the same as it was

  7. Samantha Koterba

    02 Natural Deodorant

  8. Mary Perez

    I love your deodorant! I was just wondering if you have anything like it that is not visible when wearing a sleeveless top?

  9. Gentry Bill

    For. The. Love. My pits have never smelled better, felt better, and been drier than after having used this deodorant. Seriously, I’ve told neighbors to get a whiff of these puppies, and they were all amazed. Totally recommend this product!!!

  10. Rebecca T.

    vanilla mint is wonderful

  11. Sarah

    My absolute favourite deodorant. The smell is awesome and not too strong. It goes on a touch sticky but doesn’t stay that way. With some natural deodorants I find you stink as the day goes on but not with this one! I have also started using it on my son who just started puberty and has special needs and it works well on him too!

  12. Marie-Elaine Clavet

    This deodorant smell amazing. It works perfectly, I smell good all day!!

  13. Sonia F

    I recently made my first purchase of the 02 vanilla/mint deodorant and it’s awesome! I was able to test its effectiveness on a hike yesterday and it was amazing! I still smelled fresh & was comfortably dry! So nice to find an all natural product that’s great for an active lifestyle!

  14. Alison

    02 Natural Deodorant

  15. Rochelle Smith

    Love this stuff! I can actually work out at the gym, sweat like a hog and have NO worries about stinking!

  16. Claire

    Love this deodorant! Others do not work. I work 12 hour plus shifts and it really works til the end of the day and beyond.

  17. Marla Coats

    I’ve only been using this deodorant for a few weeks, but I’ve loved it so far. I’m excited to see how it holds up in the summer months when I’m working outside a lot more.

  18. Stephanie Cowland

    I have tried natural deodorants in the past and it has made me stink more. These do not do that so far! So far so good! I like the smell of it. I am happy. Thank you :)

  19. Alicia

    It is holding up well, the peppermint smell is refreshing.

  20. April Harmon

    I have been using this deodorant for about 2 weeks and it works very well. I love knowing that only good ingredients are being used on my skin. Smells good and last all day

  21. Judy

    On our 2nd sticks (used multiple smells).
    First natural deodorant that we have used that actually works! Would recommend purchasing.

  22. S Bahmann

    It works and I have tried many. Give it a try you will not be disappointed

  23. Lynette Peelman

    Really works and smells great!

  24. Fadwa Abramson

    Smells awesome, clear and stayed the whole day with the same smell.


    I liked all the products but I got a rash so I must be allergic to it. I want to try other products.

  26. Twila Paulaon

    Was hopeful as most natural deodorants cause a rash and this was no different. I was hopeful

  27. Tatyana Russu

    Great product: natural ingredients and no residue. Will definitely purchase again.

  28. Molly Brzezicki

    02 Natural Deodorant

  29. Gilly Shamir

    It really works. I am so happy with this.

  30. Ethelyn Risher

    I love the smell of the Lime and Blur Spruce deodorant but it made my armpits break out in a rash.☹️????‍♂️

  31. Courtney

    I have tried many types of natural deodorants and many don’t work well. This deodorant is works great!! It is soft, goes on smooth and the scent is nice, but not overpowering. I definitely recommend!

  32. Christine Foster

    For me it worked but the more I used it it gave me a red and itchy armpit so I am going to try the other one without the baking powder

  33. The Daddy

    Thought I would try this deodorant, after seeing Bobby Parish reviewing it, and wow, yes I love it the smell is great, lasts really well, and I will be buying it again when this one runs out…

  34. Melissa Blanchette

    Best. Natural deodorant. EVER! By far. Nothing has worked for me as well as this one does. I’ve got it on autoship.

  35. Billy

    One of the only products so far that has been able to keep my strong sweaty smell at bay. It has a wonderful smell and lasts for a very long time. Only downside would be the small amount of deodorant you get for such a high price.

  36. Kaitlin Morris

    I’ve tried a lot of natural deodorants and thought that none would work for me. A friend bought me some of this and after I went through the initial detox it worked amazingly well. I’m really impressed with it and of course now addicted to it.

  37. Hayden Fischer

    Love it!

  38. Renee D

    This is by far the best natural deodorant I’ve ever tried!! The vanilla + mint smells so good too!

  39. Emily Averbeck

    02 Natural Deodorant

  40. DIANA

    This deodorant has me smelling fresh all day!

  41. Karen Francis

    I loved it and have been trying to order another one but yiur out of stock in Vanilla Mint!!!

  42. Jenna Berry

    02 Natural Deodorant

  43. Sharmyne Halsall

    Love the scents, and it works!!!

  44. Sara Jimenez

    02 Natural Deodorant

  45. Megan

    I love this deodorant, it smells amazing and works well! I stock up when I order because I don’t ever want to be without it!

  46. Nicole Barton

    Smells great and works nice.

  47. Amber Behrens

    I work in a restaurant and it gets HOT. This is the only deodorant that lasts all day, like 14 hours. It actually works and I feel good about its ingredients. And it smells good

  48. Rhonda Woudstra

    I love the smell of the deodorant I purchased. It goes on smoothly and last the whole day.

  49. Nicole Greenwood

    I purchased the Vanilla + Mint deodorant and it was heaven! I found 1 application lasted over 24 hours. My ONLY issue with it, and why I only gave it a 4 star, was because I broke out in a rash – contact dermatitis – from it. I don’t have sensitive skin or known allergies so I was surprised by it. I’m super sad this happened because I did really like this deodorant, and do recommend people to try it!

  50. Robyn

    I’ve tried a few different brands of natural deodorant and I have to say I really like this. My husband asked why I smelled so good when we were out hiking so he likes it too…and apparently I don’t stink so that’s a huge plus!!! ????

  51. Maryane Fontaine

    02 Natural Deodorant

  52. Sara Makosz

    I’ve been using this almost a month and I have been really pleasantly surprised at the performance.
    I have long sweat a LOT. In high school I had a prescription antiperspirant, and for most of my adult life I’ve used chemical-laden ‘clinical’ formulas from the drugstore brands.
    I was expecting to be Ms Pit Stains after getting this, but I’ve been really happy with how little I’ve been sweating and how great I smell. It lasts me a good 15 hours, and I love the Vanilla Mint smell.
    Unfortunately, after 3 weeks, I have a couple of clogged pores in one of my underarms. I’m not sure if it’s the coconut oil or the baking soda, but I’m going to take a break and try to come back ASAP, because I really love this product.

  53. Suzy H.

    Purchased two 02 Natural Deodorants and had to write to say how impressed I am with this product. While I’ve tried many natural deodorants claiming to work-they don’t. This 02 is 10 stars on all aspects. Doesn’t stain my clothes, smells nice and is subtle – best of all….IT WORKS! Thank you Will. I feel great supporting a Canadian small business who cares about our global footprint and our health too! Your personal story touches my heart. Best wishes & much success.

    Sue H.

  54. Russell Tarca

    Loving it so far! Most likely wont switch to anything else!

  55. Kelly

    02 Natural Deodorant

  56. Meagan Oelke

    I absolutely love your deodorant, got it in a Fab Fit Fun box, and have never found a better natural deodorant. It feels like normal deodorant when it goes on, actually keeps you from starting which is difficult to find in natural deodorants, and best of all – smells great!

  57. Gordon Alford

    Great deodorant!

  58. Mark Blackburn

    There was no adjustment time. Just works right from the start and smells great!

  59. Shelley

    The 02 vanilla mint smells amazing but expected it to last longer

  60. Lisa

    I love this deodorant.
    First discovered it about 4 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. I use it when I go to the gym, cause I know I’m going to sweat more, and all I can smell is the pleasant but subtle scent. I love it..

  61. Jason Allen

    So I really enjoy the vanilla and mint number to deodorant smells great and lasts a long time. Unfortunately I’m not smart enough to figure out how to open up the Bergamont and peppermint 00 deodorant. So any help on that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  62. Vinod

    Awesome smell, loved the no plastic case, and natural ingredients

  63. Michele Collins

    02 Natural Deodorant

  64. Nicole

    This is the first natural deodorant that’s worked for me. I love the smell, it lasts all day, and doesn’t irritate my skin.

  65. Felicia Jones

    I recently purchased the vanilla and mint deodorant and I LOVE IT. I have tried several products and this one has been working for me so far. Keeps the fresh smell throughout my day and doesn’t feel dry. Will definitely purchase again.

  66. Tawnya Pilsworth

    Just love this scent, it works so well I dont even need to apply it every day.
    Its such a pleasant aroma and really masks any B/O you might have after working out or sweating. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

  67. Hailey

    I’ve always wanted natural deodorant however I’m super sweaty person more so than the average person (I’m a 22 year old female and I even took medication to reduce my sweating). After reading the good reviews, I decided to give this a try and the verdict is: I LOVE IT! I use the 01 spray deodorant after I shower and the 02 deodorant first thing in the morning and sometimes mid day. At first the smell of mint threw me off but now it makes me feel so refreshed. I never get the super stinky BO like I used to and I was able to stop taking my sweating medication. I’m super impressed and this is the only brand of deodorant I will use!

  68. Megan Ing

    Smells great, and works even better. Excellent product (and I’ve tried about a zillion different natural deodorants).

  69. Paul

    Purchased this primarily for my daughter who plays a lot of sports and also has some issues with staying clean smelling through out the day, she tried it and the first day she said that she really liked the scent and I noticed that she did smell great even after picking her up from her hockey practise-which is saying a lot. So far it seems to be excellent and the only thing I would note is that she seems to be going through it pretty quickly as the product itself is very soft.

  70. Vanessa Valley

    This deodorant is amazing!!! So glad I found it. I tell everyone to to buy it.

  71. Ernesto Rios

    Never going back to “regular” store bought deodorant again!!

  72. Dawn Socrates

    Its good stuff

  73. Christine Champagne

    Feel fresh all day long! Really happy.

  74. Johann Cedric W

    Always a great delivery service fast and efficient.
    Product is awesome and I will always buys it

  75. Larry Williams

    I like your product

  76. YaYa

    Love love love it

  77. Jaime Seeley

    Seems perfect so far. Hopefully it lasts a while

  78. James Rohrer

    Love this deodorant! It works great even during a stress sweat! Works best when applied slightly damp.

  79. Jenny Chiasson

    I just ran a 5-km race in the heat of Brazil, completely soaking through my shirt obviously, but there was no odour. Also, this deodorant soothes the underarms so I never experience any irritation. Love it! I will be a repeat customer and I recommend it to everyone!

  80. Steven Ernst

    I have been using the 2 now for a few months. It is the first time that I have ever been satisfied that an all natural deodorant has actually worked for me. I am very happy to have switched over and look forward to continuing to use their products.

  81. Rebeca Torres-Rose

    I am a massage therapist and I bought this hoping it would keep me fresh from my first client to the last of the day. It does that and then some and I enjoy the cool spearmint scent. I have to say I don’t notice the vanilla, but that’s ok. Used for over a month before I reviewed and so happy with it.

  82. Bev Wysocki

    Love the smell of the combo. Very happy with the deodorant

  83. Katryna Patterson

    Amazing! I love this deodorant so much. I first tried it on a whim after I bought it at Winners while looking for a cruelty free option that actually worked all day and kept up with a gym workout. This worked so well I emailed to confirm that it was cruelty free (which is important to me) and then purchased more online as well as the spruce lime version. Love both. Would just love to see a cruelty free logo on the label so I can rant about it online and recommend to others!

  84. Antonio J.

    I’ve purchased the deodorant stick before and loved the smell, so I ordered two more. This time omg they were falling apart and so messy so I’m kind of over them. Debating on trying the spray, I think it might be better for me.

  85. Helga G.

    Love this deodorant. Smells fresh and keeps me feeling confident and fresh all day. Have tried all your deodorants and love them all. Will definitely stick with this line. Really works.

  86. Courtney B.

    I have hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating), and this works better than any other antiperspirant or deodorant I’ve ever used, even the so-called clinical strength ones! As well, I’ve had no issues at all with my super sensitive skin while using this, which is so nice!!

  87. Samantha Willis

    I’ve been on the hunt for a good deodorant that works, does not have aluminum and smells good lol this is it!!! Absolutely in love! Thank you for these amazing products! I got the sample for face oil w/ my order and it’s been yet another awesome product ^_^

  88. Annie D.

    Finally i found a natural deodorant I don’t have to apply more than once a day, in the morning. Also, the texture is solid, and it stays on. No white mess on my armpits anymore!

  89. Shawna K.

    Smells so good

  90. Johnny

    Great deodorant that performs all day – smells amazing. However, I found it left a brown tinge in my shirts after wear. It washed out, though likely will stick to the Tea Tree + Pumpkin seed as it doesn’t leave a trace and still provides the same quality.

  91. Diana P.

    Love love LOVE this deodorant. I won’t be buying anything else!!

  92. Greg Billyard

    My girlfriend can’t get enough of my new scent no need for cologne ????????

  93. C Morgan

    This is by far the best natural deodorant I have tried to date. It has a nice texture, doesn’t feel sticky or greasy. It has a pleasant scent and it lasts.

  94. Pam S.

    I am very pleased with the deodorant. It works well and has a great smell. The facial oil samples that I received with the deodorant are wonderful as well

  95. Erin Hoffmann

    Love it, smells great and hasn’t let me down…

  96. Cheri S.

    does the job, no skin irritation and smells great

  97. Kathleen W.

    Tried many natural deodorants. This one works.

  98. Ridge S.

    Love the stuff. Wish it was cheaper.

  99. Luc

    Product works very well, but after 3 or 4 days a skin rash appeared, I don’t have sensitive skin and I tried 3 different sent waiting for the rash to disappear before trying again. Very sad about that because the product works for odors.

  100. Naomi V.

    Absolutely the BEST natural deodorant ever!!! It’s better than the drug store stuff too. I’m so happy that I ordered three!!

  101. Kayla M.

    This product it great. No complaints. Even good for my sensitive skin :)

  102. Stephanie R.

    I have used MANY natural deodorants and this is the first that truly works. It also does not leave a white residue.

  103. Katya

    I’ve tried a few other natural deodorants, but nothing’s kept me consistently smelling fresh and feeling clean until I tried this one! Despite being firm, it glides on easily enough and the unique combination of ingredients keeps me from getting smelly. I do wish the balance of scent was a little heavier on the vanilla – the mint becomes somewhat overpowering on me and I smell like a stick of gum, which isn’t terrible but also not my preferred scent! Still, I’ll take being clean and smelling fresh.

  104. Stephanie Racette

    De loin mon préféré des déodorants naturels essayés les dernières années! Son odeur est vraiment enivrante.
    Le fait que ça soit une pâte épaisse me dérange un peu mais c’est un bémol que l’odeur compense. Je vais acheter C nouveau.

  105. Anji

    I love the smell and how light weight it is. I’m a pretty active person so the fact that I don’t stink to high heaven after a workout is perfect!

  106. Karen Grimes

    I purchased this because i wanted to stop using the named brand deodorants that are around. Was unsure how it was going to work I guess i put my foot in my mouth. This deodorant is simply amazing the smell of it is great and works just as good as it smells. I will never use any of the “BRAND” deodorants again. If you are like me weary of ir and how it works…give it a try you will be over the moon.

  107. Jennifer B.

    This is my 2 deodorant from you guys the other I has got from fabfitfun I had got the vanilla mint so I bought another of this and a different type which is tea tree and pumpkin which I can’t wait to try . I have sensitive skin so they have not made me break out or anything which is amazing especially with natural ones…

  108. Travis Marchman

    Smells incredible, is natural, and is effective. I’ve worked out with this deodorant on and it definitely works. Have stocked up, as I don’t plan on changing my deodorant again anytime soon!

  109. William K.

    I love the 02 Vanilla-Mint deodorant! Very nice, yet subtle scent keeps me smelling great all day long!

  110. Stacey T.

    This deordrant does everything it should. It keeps you dry and smelling nice for up to two days easy. I did experience a small rash after my third week of using it. But I did read responses from other reviews and realised it was common. Once my body got rid of all the chemicals I had from past deodorants it has been fine ever since. Just purchased more and I’m looking forward to being a continuous customer.

  111. APRIL

    I have been using clinical strength deodorants as I struggle in the summer with odor. I feel like I’ve tried every deodorant out there and they still only last a few hours. I had totally given up on a natural deodorant when I decided to try this vanilla mint deodorant when it was offered in my FabFitFun box. Man am I glad I did. This stuff rocks! I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am that not only do I get a deodorant that works ALL DAY. I get an all NATURAL one too!

  112. Heather Gould

    I’ve been using natural deodorant for over three years now and have never come across a product that actually didn’t make me smell after a few hours. I can apply this product first in the morning and by the time I go to bed I still feel super fresh. The vanilla mint scent is such a pleasant smell and there are absolutely no negative orders. I need like 50 of these!!!

  113. Sarah Aripez

    This is the longest lasting deodorant I’ve ever had. Such a lovely, refreshing scent. I keep catching myself taking a whiff every now and throughout the day. I will definitely continue purchasing!

  114. Farley Claire

    I’ve tried so many natural deodorant brands (Tom’s, Lavanille, Biossance, etc.) and this is by far the best one out there. It works for the entire day and doesn’t dry out my skin. I will recommend this to anyone who wants to make the switch to natural.

  115. Lama Elkassem

    The deodorant smells fabulous and works very well!

  116. Richard Colon

    Just bought two deodorant both great smells are strong vanilla/mint and lime/blk spruce

  117. Jossy

    The vanila mint deodorant was amazing. I’m not really sure what you have in it, but it is definitely a new odor neutralizer and tIngles a little when you put it on which I really love. And it is my first switch from anti-perspirant. So I think I am a convert!

  118. Anthony Aguilar

    Love the scent and the refreshing feeling. Initially was nervous about switching to a natural deodorant, but happy with my decision.

  119. leigh m.

    I have been searching for years to find a natural deodorant that lasts longer than half a day. THIS IS IT! Not only does it last a full day, but it takes me into the next as well. Never stop making this, I am a customer for life!

  120. Megan

    My new favorite deodorant. Thank you!!

  121. Helen H.

    Keeps me dry and has a mild pleasant scent. My favorite deodorant now.

  122. Latina W.

    I wanted to start using natural deodorant because I know that it is good for you . So, I wanted to give this brand a try. The best tester is to workout with this on and see if you are still fresh . Well , I did and I still smelled the scent and it was great . Next test is to see if it will break me out since I am very sensitive . So , far no breakouts.

    Latina Woods
    Houston, TX

  123. Mika

    I have tried close to a dozen different natural deodorants and this one is by far the best! It actually works and leaves me smelling great even well into the next day! The only thing is it does transfer to clothing, but washes out no problem. I highly recommend this product and will for sure be a regular purchaser!

  124. Diana

    This is by far one of the best natural deodorants I’ve ever used. And it smells wonderful. I feel fresh and dry most of the day and it LASTS. Other ones I’ve used (Pit Paste and Schmidtbs) do not last all day and I end up really stinking the next morning. I highly recommend you try this product!!

  125. Emmanuelle D’Amours

    I can’t use chemical deodorants nor antiperspirant, so I just always try new natural ones… I’m a sommelier and I’m very active at work (and I have strong body smell hehe). Nothing had got me very confident yet about my own smell, and i knew that at some point during the night i would have to apply more…BUT NOT WITH THIS ONE. I literally smell good for 2 days straight. I just made a 5 deodorant order last week and I’m giving it to all my friends so they know how it’s great. I’m so happy and I cant wait to try their other products.

  126. Heidi Kolta

    so far so good…..still need to test it for working out….

  127. Tiffany M.

    I live both the stick and the spray. To top it off one of my sample bottle came broken and leaked everywhere so they shipped me new samples which I wasn’t expecting!

  128. Jennivieve M.

    Does the job but gives me a rash.

  129. K Mor

    Liked the smekk

  130. Carla Martin

    I’m literally blown away by the effectiveness of this product. For the last 10 years I have been wanting to switch to a natural deodorant and have tried a few times, but always ended up going back to the cheap antiperspirant that I didn’t really like anyway. It’s hard enough to find a deodorant vs. an antiperspirant for women on store shelves, so good luck finding one that works and is natural.

    I do not think I have ever been so excited about deodorant in my life. I put this on ONCE in the morning and come bedtime still smell fresh. Much fresher in fact than when using antiperspant!

    My health has become my top priority and if it wasn’t for amazing products like this, it would be extremely difficult to make the right choices and have the products I need. Thank you for starting this company, keep forging forward.

    The only unfortunate thing was that in shipping one of the free samples (face spray) froze and exploded in my package. It was pretty much -40 in Saskatoon so couldn’t have been avoided. The whole package smelled great and was fine when I wiped it off, and the other sample (face oil) is great so far!

  131. Megan Fulton

    I got this with a subscription box and plan to continue to order this deodorant. I’ve struggled for years to find a deodorant that helps with my sweat and smell and I’ve always been self conscious about it. This literally changed that overnight. I cannot tell you how amazing this product is!!

  132. JILL R.

    This actually works. I have tried several different types of natural deodorants and this one passed the test!

  133. Angelo A.

    I love your products, the only thing about the deodorant is that it sometimes leaves white stains on the clothes but overall, it’s great!

  134. Julie Tibbles

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! I received this product in my fabfitfun box. I have tried many different natural deodorants and this is the best by far! Smells great and keeps me fresh and smelling great as well! Applies nicely and doesn’t leave deodorant marks. The BEST!!!

  135. andrea s.

    I have tested this product over a period of 2 months and I can say I finally feel confident using a natural deodorant.
    It smells really good and doesn’t have the gritty texture like other products I’ve tried and the scent is subtle and natural.
    I have also tried the deodorant spray with Bergamont and I really like it too!

  136. Ashley D.

    I have used many natural deodorants and this is BY FAR superior to any other brand. Not greasy, you don’t smell (actually the smell is great!), and it lasts ALL. DANG. DAY. I’m a mom of a one year old and it keeps up with me all the way until bed time and beyond :)

  137. Lindsay Dugas

    After trying over 10 other brands of natural deodorants, this one is by far the best I’ve ever used!! It keeps you dry and smells great throughout the day. It’s smooth without feeling greasy, like other natural deodorants. I recently bought some for my friends as well and they said it was the best deodorant they’ve ever tried too! Thanks for making such an amazing product!

  138. Natalie C.

    I got your deodorant for myself and my husband and we are both really enjoying it. It holds up against odour during both of our physical jobs. Interested to try the spray next time. Thank you!

  139. Trent Y.

    I am so glad I found these deodorants, I love how they feel and smell amazing.

  140. Heather

    I have tried so many natural deodorants and honestly this one is great. Never get BO, it totally stands up to my at work stress sweat, even better is that during those times I sometimes get a whiff of the peppermint and I love it. Only thing I would say is that the application isn’t the smoothest, the product balls a little bit, but it’s worth it.

  141. Shannon A.

    Very efficient and smells subtle

  142. Jon Fisher

    Will recommend this product to everyone I know, can’t wait to try out all of your products.

  143. Vanessa Valley

    Got this in my FabFitFun box and am now in love with it. I bought 2 backups through their 40% off sale.

  144. victor o.

    Wish I had purchased sooner..!!!!

  145. Hannah Fisher

    IVE TRIED different brands before but I wasn’t a fan of them. I ordered this through my fabfit fun account I was nervous but I liked the scent. Im so glad I tried bc I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS. The scent is minty fresh and feels nice in my pits. Lol. I will by buying in the future. Took me a little to get used too but I’m sold on it

  146. Sally

    This deodorant smells really good and is so far the only natural deodorant that has worked for me but after using it for a couple weeks i have developed a horrible rash on my armpits. I had ordered another scent before getting the rash so I’m hoping that one Will work for me.

  147. Melissa

    I recieved this product as an add on from FitFabFun. I was excited to try it. I loved the smell. I was more firm then a regular deodorant so definitely use it out of the show. It worked to kept me smelling fresh, but not dry. It gave me a terrible rash so I had to stop using it.

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