Sleep Tight

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An essential oil roller that’s safe on skin and tranquilizing on the senses. Helps promote a sense of well-being for a night of restfulness.

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A comforting roller for a good night’s sleep

A tranquilizing blend of sandalwood, geranium, sweet marjoram, and bergamot essential oils makes this roll-on remedy the perfect evening ritual for unwinding at the end of a long day. Formulated with nourishing natural oils, the comforting aroma promotes a sense of calm and well-being for a night of restfulness.

Compact and travel-friendly, you’ll never have to go another night without this comforting blend whether you’re snuggled up at home or away on a trip.

  • Formulated with a nourishing blend of natural oils that’s gentle on skin
  • Enriched with a calming blend of essential oils that promote a sense of serenity
  • Easy, hassle-free application that can be used anytime, anywhere

Apply rollerball to pulse points and inhale deeply. Use in the evening or before bed for a calming effect.

Key Ingredients

Sandalwood Essential Oil

  • A woody, earthy scent that’s grounding on the senses

Geranium Essential Oil

  • An uplifting floral scent that promotes a sense of peacefulness

Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil

  • A spicy and camphoraceous aroma that helps promote restfulness

Bergamot Essential Oil

  • A revitalizing citrusy-floral aroma that helps clear feelings of negativity


Full Ingredients

Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Oil, Santalum Spicatum (Sandalwood) Oil, Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium), Citrus bergamia (Bergamot) Oil, Majorana Hortensis L. (Sweet Marjoram) Oil, Rosa damascene (Rose) Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Citrus Aurantium Amara (Neroli) Oil

*For the most up-to-date ingredient list, please refer to the packaging.

Sleep Tight

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95 reviews for Sleep Tight

  1. HMC

    Fell in love with this product and have since ordered again for myself and a friend who has trouble sleeping. The scent is so warm and comforting I could use it all day (but should probably try to be alert during the workday!). Lovely stuff.

  2. Robert R

    We use this nightly, especially when my daughter is having trouble falling asleep. It’s the scent of Christmas to me, so it immediately invokes strong memories! Absolutely love this products!!!

  3. Juli M

    I have never slept well since having kids (over 19 years ago). With menopause, it’s gotten even worse. When I go on vacation, I take this along as well since insomnia is worse on vacation. I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS PRODUCT! Gets me to sleep quickly. If I do wake later in the night, I simply reapply and I’m back out. Smells amazing!

  4. Raylene Ott Ott

    Love the Sleep Tight roll-on oil! It has a soothing scent that helps me to shut my mind off and “sleep tight”.

  5. Melissa Dockal

    I’ve suffered many nights without sleep. I tried the Sleep Tight remedy. Oh my gosh it’s wonderful. I sleep like a baby. So much better than taking sleeping pills! I highly recommend sleep tight for the best sleep ever..

  6. Theresa Newcomer

    Relaxing oil with subtle scent for peaceful sleep.

  7. Jen and Kev Reilly

    Would 100% recommend!

  8. Danielle

    One you try this.. you are in love. Good night sleep every night.

  9. Kelly Manion

    Sleep Tight is amazing. Smells great and really calms you pre-bedtime

  10. Lupe Mejia

    I really enjoy the smell of this Oil Remedy and I have a deep nights sleep, feel relaxed and very pleasant smell will continue to buy

  11. Martha Reiner

    Hi am very happy with your sleep aid product it
    Helps me fall asleep and I usually sleep 6-7 hours which is great .

  12. Emma Lino

    Sorry to say. But I dont feel or see any difference in my slerp

  13. Hayley Matus

    Love the oil it works like a charm.

  14. Di

    I have purchased so many of these sleep tight Rollons just in case it is ever sold out or discontinued, which I hope never happens. It does help put you into a nice restful sleep, But honestly even if it doesn’t I don’t care I love the fragrance so much and I don’t care if it does nothing to help me go to sleep. Please never stop making this and please don’t ever change the formula

  15. Michele McFarlane

    I really like this oil, smells great. I’ve been using it for about a week, I don’t only put it on at night I put it on before I go to work, after, and bedtime. Not as much in the morning as night.

  16. Christine Attardi

    Since having kids I’ve never slept great, waking several times a night. With the sleep tight roller I am sleeping so much better. I still here the baby when she cries, but I’m not waking up constantly for no reason. I have an easier time falling asleep and getting up in the morning because I’m no longer as tired. Bonus, it smells great! Will definitely be purchasing again.

  17. Bob K

    5 nights in, haven’t felt it ‘work’ or effect me. Magic potion? Smells nice tho.

  18. Jessica

    It took a bit of time to receive but understandably so with everything going on. This product is really wonderful! My kids are sleeping so well as am I! I also use it throughout the day if I’m feeling stressed or anxious! It is so helpful! Looking forward to purchasing more blends and products! Thank you!

  19. Kerry A

    This oil works so well for sleep. I sleep so well now. The scent is heavenly too!

  20. Darlene Etheridge

    Have only had this for 2 days, but seems to help me sleep so much better.

  21. Alexa Brackney

    I’ve tried several relaxing oils- this one is my favorite. It smells light but it is potent! I have experienced more relaxed body and mind as I apply it about 20 mins before bed and I sleep better!

  22. adi sood

    Really helps relax me before bed. The scent is subtle and wonderful. Will be buying more in the future.

  23. MaryAnn Gemmill

    I can’t say perfect because nothing works perfect for me. I get insomnia and I’m in menopause so I have 2 things against me

  24. Michelle Pang

    Smells so good and I feel relaxed.

  25. V Pilcher

    I received my first Sleep Tight roller in a subscription box from Therabox and immediately fell in LOVE!! This is by far my favorite sleep remedy essential oil. I placed an order for myself and one for my sister to try. Highly recommend.

  26. Tim

    I have been using Sleep Tight nightly for over a month. It is truly the best thing I have found to help relax me before bed, and keep me sleeping soundly. If I happen to wake in the night and can’t get back to sleep right away, I reapply and I am back to sleep before I know it. I have given my daughter and daughter-in-law a bottle each and they are enjoying the benefits as well. I love this product!!

  27. Mary Caruso

    I really haven’t found any difference using this product. Perhaps I was expecting too much. I have always found it difficult to fall asleep.

  28. Bi Zi

    Smells nice but doesn’t helping me for my sleeping. I still waking up every 2 hours

  29. Kerry Rogers

    Wonderful smells, each giving a pleasant scent.

  30. Gayla Sparks


  31. Heather Seals

    Sleep a tight helps me get to sleep quickly, and smells wonderful. I love it!

  32. Lorie S.

    Sleep Tight | Pure Essential Oil Remedy

  33. NWT

    Great relaxing scent.

  34. Anna Lizza Clemente

    Love this oil and delivers its promise of relaxation.

  35. Jill G.

    Have been using for a couple of weeks and it seems to help! I love the applicator, very handy. The scent is not overpowering at all, it is quite soothing.

  36. Karen W.

    Since using SLEEP TIGHT, I’ve slept well so much more than prior to using it. Thank you!

  37. Elsida Williams

    Love the smell, and definitely the relaxation that come with it after I put it on. Im enjoying a better night sleep. Thank you.

  38. Nancy Kumar

    I love this essential oil! It smells heavenly and really does help to calm and assist with getting a restful sleep! For someone who struggles with falling asleep, this has been a natural and easy remedy that works for me. I will definitely be making another purchase very soon. Thank you!!

  39. Tina C

    Love it!!

  40. Lynette Peelman

    This roll on is fantastic. I use this every night and love it. It is very relaxing.

  41. Amira Shalash

    This stuff smells so nice and has become a welcomed part of my nighttime routine.

  42. Alicia

    It is going well, sleep happens faster than before I was using it. Smell is not overpowering.

  43. Jonna Underwood

    I am obsessed with this product! After having a baby it’s hard to get a good full nights sleep! Now that she’s sleeping through the night, I should be too!???? This product has worked wonders!

  44. Jill

    So far I do love the smell of the sleep tight essential oil and put it on every night. It seems to put me to sleep quickly and is relaxing.

  45. Ailen

    This is the must lovely smell It has help me rest at night a few drops and I am able to clear my mind and have a restful night sleep

  46. Stephanie Finlay

    I never had trouble Sleeping, but gave this a try cause it was on sale.
    It’s amazing
    I fall asleep so much quicker. I stay asleep. No short wakes or restless nights. I’ve bought one for my husband, mom, and MIL and they all love it…
    Will be a staple in my house for sure

  47. Laura

    Like the smell, but didn’t think it helped much with sleep.

  48. Angie Teneriello

    Love the product. It’s not too strong. I also use it when I’m having a stressful day to calm.

  49. Devon Ainslie

    I have been using this every night since it arrived. I rub it on my temples, behind my ears and on my chest and lift it up to my nose to breathe in. It has such a calming aroma and allows me to drift off to sleep more easily than before. Highly recommend!

  50. The Daddy

    As of right now, It looks like I will need to order another, as my wife took it to try, and I now can’t get it back lol
    So ask me again when I get my own sleep tight oil…

  51. Sunshine Luzzi

    Helps me getting a sound sleep that gives me a clear mind to tackle my day. Having a restful sleep has me energized for the day.

  52. James M

    Great scent and helps me relax

  53. SSJ

    This blend is fantastic! Both my husband and I use it nightly on our temples and sleep like babies! Highly recommend.

  54. AnaB

    I really am enjoying this Sleep tight oil. It helps by providing a calming scent when you are trying to lull yourself to sleep. Will recommend and purchase more

  55. Vinnie Guaderrama

    To be honest I had a lot of nightmares at first I think because I was finally sleeping again but now I sleep 6 hours straight. This is a lot for me so yeah haha.

  56. Chrissy Dye

    Works great! Helps me relax and stay asleep. Definitely a new favorite and highly recommend.

  57. Tara Cummings

    I use it on myself and my 9 year old daughter every night, we LOVE it! Smells great and puts me right to sleep!

  58. jen

    I love the smell and it’s not overpowering! It helps me to sleep

  59. Theresa DiPaola

    I was skeptical about this product, but I put it on my wrist/temples and behind my ears and have been sleeping like a baby!!!

  60. Bwynn

    This really does help me fall and stay asleep. Already purchased another one.

  61. Tatiana Rajic

    Sleep Tight | Pure Essential Oil Remedy

  62. Erika G Rodriguez

    First I want to thanks everyone who made this product available for us, I am in love with the small of this Sleep Tight Oil, sometimes I used it as a perfume, I used it all the times right before going to bed and I feel that I can sleep better.


  63. Francesca Cipolla

    Sleep Tight | Pure Essential Oil Remedy

  64. Laura Taylor

    Works amazing. I wake up feeling rested

  65. Sam B

    Smells nice. Didn’t do anything for me.

  66. Joan McLean

    The oil is very soothing and smells very nice. But it didn’t put me to sleep as quickly as I had hoped and heard that it did for for others.

  67. A Joseph

    Smells great and pretty effective

  68. Christine Foster

    Love the product works really well and works fast.

  69. Teresa Martin

    Great scent ! Would be awesome if it could be used in a diffuser instead of applying to the skin. Or as an inhaler. I would diffuse this all night.

  70. Heli Kokk

    I do apply the oil in the evenings when I retire and sometimes during the day when I want to ‘relax’. It smells very nice. While I can’t confirm that it helps me to fall asleep or sleep better, I can say that it is pleasant and I like it

  71. Michele Costa

    Love this product so much. I have been using it for over a week and cannot say enough about it. If you have trouble sleeping and falling asleep give it a try!

  72. Kimberly Middleton

    This oil is so soothing and is definitely a sleep aid. I will continue to repurchase.

  73. wendy siegel

    I don’t know how or why this works, but I was a sleep struggler, taking Benadryl, advil pm etc..started rolling on sleep tight a week ago and have never slept better! thrilled to have discovered it

  74. Derek Singson

    First time buyer of this product and this company. It smells like vanilla and it’s pleasant. I rub it on my palms and take good whiffs for a solid minute. It eventually helped me sleep after 3-4 nights. I would recommend it to others.

  75. Ellen Vargas

    Lime very much

  76. Kelly Harrold

    I have only used it a couple of times and I didn’t find that it made me sleep any better. To be fair though, I should use it more often to see if it will help.

  77. Sandy

    I didn’t feel any affects from the product. I did enjoy the smell and that’s it wasn’t greasy

  78. ETH

    This stuff is AMAZING! Helps me sleep like a baby, we will be reordering. Thank you!

  79. Eric

    Beautiful nights sleep.

  80. A Jones

    I loved the sleep tight essential oil roller. It smelled great and I fell right asleep. I would recommend it!

  81. Raymond Taylor

    love this helps me sleep soundly through the night

  82. Melina

    Quarantine has taken a toll on my sleep quality. I bought this on a whim and I’m now obsessed. I’ve been sleeping through the night! I just bought one for everyone in my family and 2 others for myself. Try it!

  83. Alison Gamble

    It smells great – it’s a nice blend of some of my favorite essential oils. I keep it next to my bed for easy access at bedtime. Even if you don’t have sleep issues, aromatherapy is always a good thing!

  84. Shannon Duncan

    The smell is so amazing! This stuff allows me to gently go to sleep as if there is some magic potion inside it! I don’t know how they do it, but they do ! Thank you guys!! Love all your products.

  85. Adrian Duffy

    So far so good, nice Aroma it really is relaxing

  86. Lisa Lemke

    New product for me which I am trying and enjoying.

  87. Shawne

    I really like this oils they are true to the sent. This was my second order and will definitely order more.

  88. Yanik G

    Trying the Sleep Tight for the first time and so far liking it. Had been using another brand’s essential oils blend, but it was a bit too strong. I like this one with sweeter notes, probably due to the Neroli and Bergamot.

  89. Sonia Pantoja

    Awesome scent, immediately put me at ease, ready for bed and sleep! Helped with my stuffy nose and sinuses when I placed on palms and inhaled!

  90. Terrie Self

    Love this product. Held with restful sleep.

  91. Stevo

    I added the usage of Sleep Tight to my bedtime routine and the smell really calms me down! I just roll it in my palms, rub them together and inhale a couple of time.
    Great product!

  92. Barbara Yesenchak

    I love the smell of this but as a chronic migraine sufferer, would love to see if I can put in a diffuser so the room could have the scent vs. on my skin. Any ideas would be very appreciated. I’m brand new to this so I’m learning every time I’m on here. Thx!

  93. Patricia Fernandez

    Loved the scent- not overpowering but very soothing

  94. Heidi Normand Berge

    This works! My husband even uses it which says something because he’s not a big “sleep” product person.

  95. Lisa T.

    Great for those night when sleep just won’t come. A blend of essential oils in a oil based roll on.

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