3 Reasons to Make the Switch to Natural Body Wash

3 Reasons to Make the Switch to Natural Body Wash

Still using drugstore body wash? Here’s why you should switch to natural, plant-based body wash instead:

Gentle on Skin

Gentler on skin: Unlike drugstore body wash, natural body washes are typically free from harsh chemicals, toxins, parabens, and sulfates that can strip the skin of its natural oils and cause irritation or allergic reactions.

Thoughtful Formulations

Thoughtful formulations: Natural body washes tend to provide more than just a regular cleanse. They often incorporate essential oil blends that not only nourish and hydrate the skin, but also provide additional benefits like soothing effects on the senses and vital nutrients to keep your skin healthy.

Long-Term Skin Health

Long-term skin health: While many drugstore products offer short-lived benefits, consistent use of natural body wash can promote overall skin health. Plant-based formulas work with your skin’s natural needs, fostering a healthier and more balanced complexion over time.

Ready to make the switch?

Try our new natural body washes and body lotions, available in three irresistible scents to invigorate and refresh you from head to toe.


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